AQUACYCLE joins NAWAMED E-Technical Workshop


NAWAMED, one of AQUACYCLE’s sister projects under the ‘Water Efficiency’ Priority of the ENI CBC Med Programme is organizing an e-technical workshop on 1st March 2021, with the theme "Designing urban nature-based solutions for greywater reuse".

AQUACYCLE’s Project Manager, Dr. Konstantinos Plakas, has been invited to provide a presentation entitled “Designing an eco-innovative Nature-based Solution (NBS) system as demonstration units for municipal wastewater treatment and reuse: case studies presentation”.

From the very outset, Dr. Plakas has been a very active proponent to establish synergies among AQUACYCLE's sister projects, as evidenced by this earlier link on the ENI CBC Med Programme website.

For more information about the NAWAMED event, please visit:

Participants are invited to register for the event following this link.