AQUACYCLE joins Live Seminar on the Water-Energy-Food nexus in industrial and urban wastewater recovery


Spanish partner in AQUACYCLE, CIEMAT-PSA invites water stakeholders to join a Live Seminar:

To receive the link to the live seminar please register by 10:00, Thursday, 25 February, 2021

Abstract: The webinar ‘Water-Energy-Food nexus in industrial and urban wastewater recovery' will be focused on the links and sustainability of different tertiary treatment technologies for wastewater treatment and recovery for food production applications and energy saving. Elimination of contaminants of emerging concern and inactivation of pathogens to fulfill current European and National regulations will be considered and experimental procedures to be followed for their monitoring and evaluation will be explained in detail. The presence of contaminants of emerging concern and pathogens is one of the major threats and challenges to be overcome by treatment technologies for a safe reuse of wastewater in different applications, even more in those related with agri-food production. During the webinar, the following contents will be discussed: i) a brief description of the climate change effects and the importance of adaptation and/or mitigation actions; ii) detailed explanation on the experimental protocols to be followed for the correct evaluation of contaminants elimination and pathogens inactivation; iii) introduction on solar photoreactors for wastewater treatment applications, iv) some actual case studies (industrial and urban wastewater treatment).

More details are available here.