AQUACYCLE issues Open Letter to Decision-makers in Lebanon’s water and sanitation sector


In an Open Letter, the research team at the Lebanese University invites decision-makers to read up on AQUACYCLE’s Capitalization Plan.

The Letter, which can be accessed through this link, was emailed to the attention of the Ministers of Energy and Water; of Agriculture and of the Environment. Among other recipients, it was sent also to the attention of the heads of the North Lebanon Water Establishment (NLWE) and of the Water, Wastewater and Infrastructure Department (CDR), as well as to the Al Fayha' Union of Municipalities and the Mayor of Tripoli.

The AQUACYCLE Partnership warmly encourages this initiative and hopes the active efforts of the Lebanese University to invite much needed and a concerted attention from all water stakeholders to the challenges faced in the country’s water and sanitation sector, will pay off. To date, the team at the Lebanese University engaged with water stakeholder through the organization of two National Seminars as well as a Workshop addressed to high-level policy- and decision-makers.

As elaborated in AQUACYCLE’s 5th e-Newsletter, the Plan is built on a 2-pronged approach: a technological push addressed to wastewater treatment operators, decision-makers and prospective investors, is complemented by an awareness pull addressed to farmers and local water stakeholders around the planned demonstration sites of AQUACYCLE’s eco-innovative wastewater treatment system.

As with previous e-Newsletters, the 5thAQUACYCLE e-Newsletter can be downloaded through these respective links in Arabic, English, French, Greek and Spanish.

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