AQUACYCLE invites quotations for a 3D model of its eco-innovative wastewater treatment system


The Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH) in the AQUACYCLE Partnership is launching a tender for the design and construction of a 3D model of its eco-innovative wastewater treatment technology system. The APOC system consists of three treatment stages, i.e. anaerobic digestion, constructed wetland and a raceway pond reactor for the solar disinfection of domestic wastewater. Thus, the treatment system produces purified water for reuse in agriculture and for urban greening purposes. The physical demonstration of the APOC system is foreseen in 3 locations around the Mediterranean, i.e., in Lebanon, Spain and Tunisia.

The 3D model will be used as a means to showcase the path the domestic wastewater follows through the individual stages which constitute the APOC system, in a simple, interactive and creative way.

For more information, including the submission procedures of tender offers, please visit this link.

The deadline for the submission of quotations is 3rd September 2021.