AQUACYCLE invites farmers to have their say on World Water Day 2022

This clip brings snippets from interviews with farmers in Spain, Tunisia and Lebanon to mark World Water Day 2022 Groundwater – Making the Invisible Visible. To this effect, the script for the interviews invited farmers to explain about their dependence on groundwater to sustain their livelihoods and how this dependence may have been impacted by the effects of climate change. In the second part of the clip, farmers were invited to voice their opinion about the use of treated domestic effluent as promoted by AQUACYCLE’s low-cost, eco-innovative wastewater treatment system (APOC). The interviews were conducted in the run up to World Water Day 2022 by Samira Nahim from PSA-CIEMAT in Spain, Khitem Mensi, Sonia Jbeli and Anis Ghattassi from the Tunis International Center for Environmental Technologies (CITET), and by Tawfik al-Naboulsi and Khoder Khalil from the Lebanese University.