AQUACYCLE is hiring in Malta


Integrated Resources Management Co Ltd. (IRMCo) is looking for a part-time junior research with IT and web proficiency to join our team in the ENI CBC Med Funded project “Towards Sustainable Treatment and Reuse of Wastewater in the Mediterranean”, with the acronym AQUACYCLE, and in the upcoming PRIMA Med Funded project “Safeguarding the livelihood of rural communities and the environment in the Mediterranean through Nature-based Solutions”, with the acronym Mara-Mediterra.

This vacancy is being offered in the context of assisting IRMCo in maintaining the highest level of commitment and quality in leading the Work Package dedicated to ‘Communication’ (in AQUACYCLE, which currently has a foreseen duration of 36 months and started in September 2019) and the Work Packages  ‘Communication and Dissemination’ and ‘Guiding the Living Lab Process’ (in Mara-Mediterra, which has a foreseen duration of 36 months and is expected to start on 1st April 2022).

Specific tasks shall include the frequent updating of the respective official project websites, as well as the drawing up of a widest range of project promotional materials (project leaflets, posters, banners, e-newsletters, newspaper ads, and articles addressed to the general public, etc.), as well as supporting IRMCo in the design and follow-up of stakeholder events and living labs through the use of Participatory GIS, including but not limited to the compilation and editing of video footage of such events to be uploaded to the respective dedicated channels on YouTube.

Thus, the ideal candidate will possess a keen interest in graphic design, and be familiar with web-GIS applications.

More information about the desired skills and experience can be accessed through this link.

Applicants are invited to submit their up-to-date CV in EuroPass format together with a one-page letter informing about the applicant’s motivation to apply to Applications by phone or by fax shall not be considered.

The deadline for applications shall be 23 March 2022 by not later than 17 pm Malta time.