AQUACYCLE: COVID-19 and the Urban Water Cycle


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This Special Issue covers interviews on COVID-19 and the Urban Water Cycle.

ESAMUR, one of two research teams from Spain in the AQUACYCLE partnership, has been actively monitoring the presence of SARS-CoV-2 RNA in domestic wastewater in the region of Murcia.

Pedro Simón Andreu, AQUACYCLE Teamleader and Technical Director of ESAMUR explains how monitoring can serve both as an early indicator of the prevalence of COVID-19 in a community and help authorities to coordinate the exit strategy to gradually lift coronavirus lock-down measures.

Motivated by these findings, and made possible by the expert laboratory facilities available also at the partner teams in Lebanon and Tunisia, AQUACYCLE Innovation Manager Dr. Vasilios Takavakoglou from the Centre of Research and Technology, Hellas (CERTH) brings an overview of how several of the originally planned research activities in the AQUACYCLE work plan have been updated.

The Special Issue also brings an update on the synergies that are being pursued among the 5 water and sanitation related projects funded under the ENI CBC Med Programme.

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