AQUACYCLE builds synergies among water-related EU funded research project in Lebanon


The awareness raising workshop brought together the promoters of three EU funded research projects in Lebanon dealing with, respectively: domestic wastewater treatment and reuse, micro-pollutants in sea water and the treatment of water effluent streams from hospitals.

The main scope of the event was to exploration opportunities for cooperation among the three projects. To this effect, a brainstorming session delved not only into how to build synergies to raise awareness, but also how to capitalize further each individual project’s research outcomes.

Organized by the University of Balamand in Lebanon, the workshop took place on the 12th of May, 2022 and was joined by 35 participants who attended in person, and 10 participants who joined online.

In the run up to the brainstorming session, representatives of each project described the respective funding programmes, project goals as well as the individual to-date-achievements both from a technical and from a guidance to policy-makers perspective:

The Opening Ceremony was launched by Vice-President and Dean, Prof. Rami Abboud at the University of Balamand, Mr. Michele Pierpaoli on behalf of the EU Delegation in Lebanon and Dr. Aref AlSoufi on behalf of NEO-Lebanon.