AQUACYCLE awards tender for Raceway Pond Reactor in Spain


The Solar Treatment of Water Unit within the Plataforma Solar de Almeria (PSA-CIEMAT) has awarded to tender for the development of a Raceway Pond Reactor to the University of Almería in Spain.

The Raceway Pond Reactor will add the third and final component of AQUACYCLE’s eco-innovative wastewater treatment system, i.e. the APOC system, which consists of 3 components, i.e. (1) an existing anaerobic digestion unit at Blanca’s wastewater treatment plant, (2) one or more constructed wetlands and (3) a solar treatment reactor for water disinfection and the photocatalytic oxidation of persistent organic pollutants.

The tender offer of the University of Almería amounted to € 45,000 (including VAT).

Earlier, the company Riegos Murcia, S.L., was awarded the tender for two constructed wetlands for the amount of 70.568,41 € (including VAT) by the Regional Entity for Wastewater Sanitation and Treatment in Murcia (ESAMUR) in the AQUACYCLE Partnership.