AQUACYCLE awards tender to construct pilot wastewater treatment system in Lebanon


The Lebanese University in the AQUACYCLE Partnership has awarded the tender for the construction of a pilot demonstration wastewater treatment system to the Modon Group.

The pilot demonstration unit will be constructed in Deddeh, Koura, North Lebanon. The site is owned by the real estate company Sanabel, through a cooperation agreement the company signed with the Lebanese University, for the purpose of making available a site to demonstrate AQUACYCLE’s eco-innovative wastewater treatment system, i.e. the APOC system.

The APOC system consists of 3 components, i.e. (1) an existing Anaerobic digestion unit, (2) Constructed wetlands and (3) a solar treatment reactor for water disinfection and the Photocatalytic Oxidation of persistent organic pollutants.

The tender offers were opened in the presence of the Dean of the Doctoral School of Science and Technology at the Lebanese University, Dr. Fawaz ElOmar, the members of the AQUACYCLE team at the Lebanese University, and representatives of the 3 companies which submitted their respective offers within the deadline of 18 July 2022.

The tender offer by the Modon Group being the cheapest offer at € 280,008.93 (including VAT), the tender award was officially signed off to the Modon Group by the Dean, Dr. Fawaz ElOmar, the Scientific Director, Dr. Ahmad ElMoll, and the Administrative Director, Dr. Mohamad Khalil.

The Modon Group offers a large range of mechanical, electrical and renewable energy products and services.