MEDISS: profile of the Aqaba Water Company

Aqaba Water Company is the Jordanian partner involved in MEDISS project.

MEDISS addresses the issue of improving the quality of saline groundwater present in the Mediterranean area opening alternative irrigation for higher quality and more diversified cultivations (dates, citrus, etc.). According to the features and specific needs of the partner areas, MEDISS will test innovative solutions in the use of treated wastewater and desalination of brackish water. 

In Jordan (Governorate of Aqaba), an innovative approach never tested before in the Middle East is applied to desalination plant of brackish groundwater, extending membrane’s lifetime with innovative treatments and using PV panels for energy supply.

The mission of Aqaba Water Company is to take part in the improvement of the health and environment standards, as well as of the investment environment of the Aqaba area by anticipating future needs, implementing needed projects to meet the water increasing demand, delivering pure water and effective treatment systems, providing these services at a high standard that is economically feasible with reasonable prices that cover the cost and ensure sustainability, and striving to affect change and technical and administrative development to reach international standards in the water industry sector.