3rd International Workshop TEC-MED Project: Model Implementation and Social Capitalization plan

This workshop with stakeholders is the 2nd of the four planned in TEC-MED project within the WP6 and the 3rd in TEC-MED project. The WP6 International Workshops are organised with the collaboration of stakeholders from TEC-MED partner country institutions for care of dependent elderly and / or at risk of social exclusion. Different aspects of the project are shared between participants and capitalize on the potential of networking. The aim of these WP6 International Workshops is to make the knowledge and results generated by TEC-MED project more accessible and visible for all involved actors, mainly project partners and a wide range of stakeholders in the field of ageing and social care. The ultimate objective will be to raise skills awareness and improve communication of results in the field of social and health care of elderly people.

Plenary session Agenda Time (CET time) Activities Speakers
Welcome session.
Introduction of the agenda. PP5 (Tunisia).
Brief presentation of the new project partner PP10. PP10 (Italy).

Presentation of the management and contents of the TEC-MED training and caring platforms (WP4) (PP1 Spain andPP3 Greece)
Discussion All PPs

The implementation of TEC-MED model (WP5) PP7 (Lebanon).

Presentation of the TEC-MED Capitalisation Plan (social aspects)
LB collaborators and expert (Spain)

Open discussion with key stakeholders on:Training and caring platforms, Social capitalisation aspects and Implementation of the TEC-MED model

Feed-back per country. Discussion and debate

Conclusion and closure of the workshop wrap-up and closing the online session with key stakeholders (LB Spain and PP5 Tunisia)

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