TEX-MED ALLIANCES to support 32 textile initiatives that will foster development in circular economy, innovation and internationalization


Out of the 61 projects submitted last December under the TEX-MED ALLIANCES call, 32 initiatives have been awarded and will receive financial support (up to 10.000€) to develop the pilot projects in the textile sectro across the Mediterranean.

  • 13 projects approved within the Fashion Re-start framework initiative. These projects will cover different strategic alliances in the fashion industry toward Mediterranean and Modest wear, a very popular fashion trend in the South of the Mediterranean.
  • 9 initiatives awarded within the Circular Economy framework initiative, focused on natural fibers, recycling processes, waste reduction, and regenerated yarns and fabrics.
  • 9 projects awarded within the Health Emergencies framework initiative, where we can find different parts of the value chain for producing sanitary textiles aiming at the creation of a Health Mediterranean Cluster. 
  • 6 initiatives approved within the Dyeing Small Batches framework initiative. These projects have been selected to try different dyeing solutions on small productions. 

Congratulations to all the companies selected!