SOLE: Working together to promote innovation in energy efficiency of public buildings


Cross border cooperation in the Mediterranean creates unique opportunities to exchange practices and knowledge sharing aimed at promoting sustainable innovation. Since the beginning of the project, partners efforts resulted in various meeting to define rules and procedures dealing with a project management structure in line with ENI CBC Med roles and responsibilities. The pre-kick off meeting in July 2020 allowed partners to start working together, sharing expectations and desires about the SOLE project. As one of the main features of this cross border cooperation is to enhance closeness among different cultures in the Mediterranean basin, this initial meeting has been of the great importance to break the ice among partners. Following this first collegial moment, unfortunately, realized online due to the current Covid-19 extraordinary situation, the official Kick-Off Meeting has been held in September 2020; partners shared their visions and propositions regarding how to organize the different project activities and how to ensure a fluent, easy and effective internal communication. In fact, to build up this part is one of the main and strategic challenges to ensure the best project results. 

In December 2020, the first "Steering Committee" has been regarded by the Mediterranean partnership as an important moment to definitely approve internal functioning schemes, regarding in particular administrative and financial issues. Being SOLE project financed by public funds it is therefore undeniable the high value of this technical meeting. At the same time and following the pre and the kick-off meeting, that moment was the occasion to steer the project in the right direction. 

With regard to the Pilot Actions concerning energy efficiency rehabilitation in the seven selected public buildings chosen among the partnership, during the Steering Committee the National Technical University of Athens provided an overview of activities carried out so far to prepare the pilot actions. All partners are working on the design phase of the pilot building in order to start, in early 2021, with the public procurement procedures. A point was also made on the new timeframe of the Capacity Building and Behavioral Change, the Big Switch Off coordinate by the Regional Agency Resource Recovery and on communication activities, under the responsibility of the lead partner Anci Toscana. In that occasion, the Project Communication Plan has been approved and the SOLE social network web pages have been officially opened.