Efficacité énergétique: Med-EcoSuRe établit une base de données des parties prenantes à impliquer dans les activités du projet


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One of the main objectives of Med-EcoSuRe project is to establish a Living Lab that comes up with the notion of working with stakeholders to produce research towards innovative solutions.

The Living Lab structure includes a strategic level and an operational level. The strategic level, also called the Cross Border Living Lab, will gather partners of the project and stakeholders to collaborate and share knowledge directly with each other to propose and implement the most suitable innovative solutions in university buildings. The operational level represents the physical living labs (i.e university buildings), where the solutions proposed and validated within the Cross Border Living Lab, will be implemented.

The project team established a database of potential stakeholders, and launched an expression of interest to identify their involvement in the Living Lab activities, according to their field of expertise and interests.