U-SOLVE in Greece shares results of entrepreneurial ecosystem survey


In the last few months both iED and E-TRIKALA, Greek partners of U-SOLVE project, launched a survey to map the ecosystem actors in Greece. This action was carried out in parallel also by other partners in the project. The survey was carried out to collect the opinions of different actors (universities, public Institutions, NGOs, start-ups...) regarding the main elements and functions of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Palestine, Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Jordan, Italy (i.e. business support services, human capital, infrastructure, knowledge creation and entrepreneurial culture) and to know the opinion regarding the connection between the ecosystem actors and the impact of current efforts on entrepreneurial productivity.

The survey was multifaceted and encompassed online activity. The research included all Greece and not only the local areas of Larissa and Trikala.

According to the survey results,

Waste management was rated as very important from 71,7% of the actor;

Urban and transport planning, green infrastructure, and urban health equity was rated as very important from 62,3% of the actor;

Sustainable Energy was rated as very important by 58,5% of the actor;

Blue Infrastructure was rated as very important by 56,6% of the stakeholder;

Built and Indoor Environment was rated as very important by 52,8% of the actor;

Urban food systems were rated as very important by 43,4% of the actors.


Finally, the responses revealed the need for many important changes, and respondents identified three significant actions for the growth and development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem:


Female entrepreneurs support (94% of the stakeholders).

Creation of new jobs for youth (89% of the stakeholders).

Increasing the number of newly established firms (87% of the stakeholders).


The results of the research will be used to activate new phases of dialogue with the community interested in working for new goals related to urban sustainability. More details on all the results of the survey carried out in Greece at the following link: https://www.e-trikala.gr/news/u-solve-greece-article-on-survey-results/