TEX-MED ALLIANCES first call closes with high participation among the Mediterranean textile and clothing companies

Photo © UN Women by Joe Saade (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

December 7th was the last day for submitting applications under the call launched by the TEX-MED ALLIANCES project to support the development of textile and clothing companies fom the Mediterranean area. 60 applications were submitted in reference to 3 strategic initiaves: Circular economy, Health emergencies, and Fashion Re-start. 

Within the first framework initiative, several projects from SMEs and Business Representative Organisations have been presented to develop new systems for recycling clothes and textile or new productive frameworks for establishing circular economy practices. A total of 15 companies have applied to this framework initiative.

According to the second framework initiative, Health Emergencies, companies have taken advantage of this initiative to become more resilient concerning manufacturing sanitary products. Up to 16 companies made the application for Health Emergencies.

Fashion Re-start framework initiative has been the most demanded one. 27 companies submitted applications for these initiatives. Among the projects presented, we should highlight the development of technical textiles for Islamic wear and the creation of "Modest" wear as a trend in the Mediterranean. 

Last but not least, 13 companies decided to also apply to "Dyeing small batches" to use the specific equipment bought by CETTEX ('Centre Technique du Textile en Tunisie') that will be used for dyeing batches in Tunisia. One extra company applied exclusively to this initiative.

For those who have applied, we wish you the best for your projects and we hope you are selected for the grants. And for those who didn't apply, we encourage you to try again in the next call.