TEC-MED online platform: a collaborative tool to improve the lives of dependent elderly people in the Mediterranean


TEC-MED project aims to develop an innovative and cost-effective socio-ethical care intervention framework which will improve and adapt social care policies tackling the phenomenon of the ageing population. A new organizational model will be designed to support cooperation and partnership between public institutions and social care actors.

In order to support the development, implementation and continuity of TEC-MED model, achieving the successful promotion of its objectives, a key point consist in building an online platform which provides all the needed tools to assist the target population and all the key agents involved in such mission.

The features of the online platform are focused on helping and empowering the elderly dependant population, their caregivers and any other required agents.

Although the technical partners in TEC-MED are responsible for development and building these utilities, their shaping, creation and refining is a collaborative task between all partners involved in the project since it requires the knowledge gathered from the social-care model born from the intervention framework definition.

This co-design philosophy involve public institutions and social-care organizations as well, since it is an effort that materializes the Action plans shaped together with research centres and such organizations, which includes:

- Coaching and training set, achieved via e-learning services, handbooks and guides for good practices.
- Utilities to support e-ante, in-itinere, and ex-post evaluation of the social care model.
- Organizational and managerial procedures that helps Project partners and later organizations to communicate and cooperate by exchanging information.
- Self-care management and empowerment using e-care utilities for health monitoring.


The information collected through the online platform will be useful to increase the knowledge of model perception and collect feedback from the ground-truth, so it will be updated and improved through the interaction with stakeholders, agents and all partners.

These cycles, which will follow the principles of web design, will be addressed as a series of analysis and development steps in which the different elements of the platform will be implemented:
- Gathering information related to the purpose, main goals, and target audience.
- Functional and technical design.
- Planning of the sitemap, going from wireframes and flowcharts to the final, true design.
- Writing and assembly of the individual components.
- Testing the components as isolated pieces and as a whole system
- Reviews and official launch.
- Monitoring, updating and solving potential issues.


Given the importance of the TEC-MED platform, all partners have agreed that this new tool should include the following considerations: 

- The importance of the ease of use of the platform environment.

- The importance of networking with all stakeholders (governmental, non-governmental, medical, academic, social, media, etc…) and focus on social networking and social integration of older persons within the new model and platform.

- Registration process for the dependent older persons in the platform including medical history, clinical record, specific indicators (daily or other), social status, financial status and family status.

- Integration of technological solutions within the new model and platform (telecare, telemedicine, monitoring, decision-making platforms for individualized social care, information systems/health history).

- Availability of trainings and training modules/materials within the new model and platform to empower caregivers, family members and older persons

- Support of homecare and home caregivers integrated within the new care model.

- Availability of services, economic empowerment opportunities and social activities related to older persons on the platform for proper referral.

- The importance of building a monitoring and evaluation system for the new model of care.