Sustainable tourism: Med Pearls trainings, products and network will be capitalised under RESTART MED!



Med Pearls, together with MEDUSA, CROSSDEV and MED GAIMS is one of the most important projects selected under RESTART MED! We provide you a short introduction of RESTART MED! and explain you what is going to be capitalized from Med Pearls.


RESTART MED! is a two-year ENI CBC MED project that will be implemented in the Mediterranean basin but specially in Italy, Lebanon, Jordan, Tunisia and Catalonia (Spain). The project envisages the creation of a Mediterranean network of sustainable tourism that will strengthen the existing ones to become a meeting point between public and private actors from all the countries in the area. The initiative also aims to train companies in the Mediterranean tourism sector and support them in creating sustainable tourism experiences in all its aspects, so that they can increase their competitiveness and level of innovation. The aim is to contribute to the economic and social development of the Mediterranean, while strengthening, disseminating and increasing the good practices and sustainable tourism resources that have succeeded in the post-Covid-19 era. In a nutshell, the specific objectives are:

  • Promote sustainable tourism products (support economic recovery)
  • Catalyse the creation of policies addressing sustainable tourism (support sustainability)
  • Create a network of public, private and civil society stakeholders (build a supportive community)

Med Pearls: Capitalisation into RESTART MED!

Med Pearls has created content on slow tourism that represents a stepping stone for the touristic sector in terms of available content and analysis. Slow tourism values and principles fit and are part of the overall concept of sustainable tourism and in this regard, all the content created to train the tourist sector will be taken into account for the creation of the training on sustainable tourism that will be developed under RESTART MED!

Another very important milestone achieved by Med Pearls that will be capitalized under RESTART MED! is the sub-grants for the creation of slow tourism touristic products. In this regard, RESTART MED! will launch a call for proposals to provide grants for the promotion of sustainable tourism products.

Last but not least, the new ENI CBC MED project will capitalize on the network created by Med Pearls that counts on a database of public, private a civil society stakeholders in the Mediterranean countries. The network created under Med Pearls will enrich the RESTART MED! continuing to help the tourism sector.

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