ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM: organic farming from niche agriculture to a tool at the centre of EU agri-food policies


Italy celebrates the success of organic: from niche agriculture to tool at the center of EU agri-food policies. Organic finally has a dedicated European Day, which will be celebrated every year on the 23th of September. Promoted by IFOAM OE, it was established by the European Commission to celebrate the sector, raise awareness of the characteristics and benefits of the bio and to evaluate the progress of the agroecological transition towards the objective of achieving 25% of biological surface by 2030.

This important anniversary was celebrated in Italy with the organization of an event promoted by FederBio and the Municipality of Bologna in collaboration with AssoBio, national and local institutions, Nomisma and Bologna Fiere.

This is an initiative realized within the Being Organic project in EU promoted by FederBio in collaboration with Naturland and co-financed by the European Union, pursuant to Reg. EU n.1144/2014, to take stock of the agro ecological transition, on actions to be taken to stimulate the sector and to raise awareness of more careful and sustainable food choices.

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