ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM is looking for experts


This roster is intended to help ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM project pre-identify experts that may be hired to engage in specialized consulting work in the frame of the project for both immediate opportunities as well as over the duration of the project implementation period. 

Applicants, who meet the minimum requirements set by ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM project, are invited to join the project roster of experts list. 

Being a ‘prequalified consultant’ is not a guarantee for work under the mentioned project; rather it means that selected consultants, who will be vetted against minimum criteria, shall be eligible for short-listing without further application for relevant short-term consulting assignments that may arise throughout the implementation period of the project.

Individual consultants will support ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM in different sectors and technical areas. Below is an illustrative list of areas of expertise in which we are looking for experts:

  • SME Development and Entrepreneurship: business planning, organizational capacity development and economic feasibility studies for small, medium enterprises (SME), cooperatives, or farms;
  • Agricultural production for organic farming (crops to be mentioned by expert) including farming techniques such as permaculture, sustainable farming methods, including usage of technology
  • Organic Post-harvest handling and management, including machinery and equipment
  • Organic and Processing Quality standards, food safety (esp. HACCP, GMP) and related processes;
  • Marketing organic products (Domestic & International Target Markets)
  • Organic Livestock and dairy production; organic forage production
  • Organic Poultry production
  • Transport, logistics and packaging of organic products
  • Renewable energy, especially for use in agriculture and/or agro-processing domains
  • Financial services with emphasis on agricultural products
  • Organic innovative value chain (use of new technologies…)
  • Organic Agro-processing
  • Contract farming
  • Traceability
  • Access to market and labels requirements (products branding)
  • Organic certification implementation
  • Other related topics according to different needs in each country
  • Statistics such as volumes of imported vs. exported crops, import seasonality, etc.
  • Other

How to apply

Interested applicants must fill the application form and send it to : or with the following documents:

  • CV 
  • Copy of Passport or National ID
  • Past Work Experience including assignment title and a brief description, client name
  • References including emails and phone numbers
  • A copy of the highest awarded education certificate 
  • Filled and signed application form


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