ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM: Learn more about the added value of biodynamic agriculture in Greece


Biodynamic agriculture is a form of alternative agriculture, similar to organic farming. However, it includes concepts of high-quality food in an environmentally friendly way that nourishes the body and soul. Biodynamic has much in common with other organic approaches – it emphasizes the use of manures and composts and excludes the use of synthetic (artificial) fertilizers.

The main difference between biodynamic and organic agriculture is that the biodynamic goes a step further, it is part of a broader philosophy. It is about the food of high nutritional value that has been produced with respect for nature, animals, and humans. In biodynamic agriculture, the farm is considered as a living organism and the biodynamic farmers work in harmony with nature. Thus, every element and microorganism of the soil and water is crucial.

Around the world, 2,207,250 acres of biodynamic farms are cultivated (except in Australia), in a total of 6,429 farms.In Greece, there are 4,660 cultivated biodynamic acres (45 farms, 5 processors, 3 distributors). Most crops are olive trees, vineyards (for winemaking) and vegetables. (Source:


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