InnovAgroWoMed: supporting business creation among women in rural areas


Sub-grants under InnovAgroWoMed will be used to encourage young women selected for the training program to start their self-employment career. 

Potential beneficiaries

All young women from the project countries interested in starting a business activity in the Agrifood sector

Total available budget

€ 270.000

Number of sub-grants and breakdown by country

18 subgrants

Actions to be carried out with the sub-grants

The sub-grants will cover the expenses for set up of their own cooperative start-ups on the basis of a detailed business plan.

Selection criteria and award procedure

The selection procedure will be as follows:
•    4 calls for sub-grants will be published addressed to young women in the 4 involved regions. 
•    Women wishing to launch a start-up will have the opportunity to apply for the sub-grants by submitting a detailed business plan
•    The selection committees will assess the applications received according to criteria set in the call, and will select the most suitable candidates.
•    The awarded sub-grants recipients will be subject to a contract agreement with the local partner specifying all the financial conditions, and will participate to the technical workshops foreseen


Italy: call for sub-grant for agrifood start-ups. Deadline for applications: July 24, 2022. More information here.

Palestine: call for sub-grant for women who start up  a business in the agrifood sector. Deadline for applications: August 6, 2022. More information here 

Tunisia: call for sub-grant for women who start up a business in the agrifood sector. Deadline for applications August 15,2022. More information here 

Spain: call for sub-grant for women who start up a business in the agrifood sector. Deadline for applications September 1, 2022. More information here 


Barbara Piazzi
Administrative Assistant
CEIS – University of Rome Tor Vergata
Phone. +39.06.7259.5652/5601