MedArtSal: supporting the business diversification of traditional and artisanal salinas


The call for sub-grants will support the development of salinas for artisanal production of new products and/or services, following the MedArtSal model requirements. Pilot actions in participating salinas, of which at least 4 sites in EU Mediterranean Countries and 6 sites in Mediterranean Partner Countries will implement actions aligned and tailored to the MedArtSal model to test its effectiveness, applicability, up-and-down scaling possibilities and replicability.

Potential beneficiaries

Salinas owners, salinas managers of salinas with artisanal products.

Total available budget

480.000 € of which 60k€ for each EU Mediterranean Country (Spain, Italy) and 180k€ for each Mediterranean Partner Country (Tunisia, Lebanon).

Number of sub-grants and breakdown by country

Number of sub-grants: 10
Italy – 2 salinas. 30.000€ each. Total: 60.000€
Lebanon – 3 salinas. 60.000€ each. Total: 180.000€
Spain – 2 salinas. 30.000€ each. Total: 60.000€
Tunisia – 3 salinas. 60.000€ each. Total: 180.000€

Actions to be carried out with the sub-grants

Actions will be defined on the basis of the MedArtSal model, but some requirements would be:
•    actions shall contribute to the creation of new products/services and jobs;
•    actions shall contribute to a sustainable management; 
•    actions shall contribute preserve and restore environmental quality and ecosystems.

The sub-grantee will commit to realize:
•    a screening of environmental impacts (form SELF-ASSESSMENT ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS as Annex of Environmental Monitoring Programme of the project)
•    communication material, at least a notice board at the entrance;
•    a 1-day presentation (at salinas premises) to stakeholder (ref. to OT 4.4).

All sub-granted salinas will be part of MedArtSal network, and shall participate to Project Fairs (TN, RL) (costs for the participation in charge of organizing PPs)

Selection criteria and award procedure
The salinas will be invited to present their proposal within 30 days from the opening of the public selection. The jury will evaluate the proposals on the basis of selection criteria within 30 days of the fixed deadline. A public selection and awarding procedure and criteria will be defined. A survey for data collection is going to be launched and for the outcomes from the salinas database, it is expected to have a clear  idea about the legal status and conditions of each salina. The technical criteria will be the same for all countries, but the administrative and financial criteria will be country specific.The selection method will be based on administrative and financial capacity of the Salinas. Then, the most reliable technical proposal will be retained. An evaluation grid will be produced, composed of administrative score (including the financial capability of the owner), technical score (to be defined), and a financial score (how they intend to use the money and if it is sustainable). It is expected to have a Technical Country Evaluation team, and a Jury composed by the Project Manager of each partner, supported by technical team. A capacity-building programme for Salina Owners and Managers will be implemented to teach them the MedArtSal model and helping in the design of pilot actions.

Sub-grant call for proposals for Italy [IT] 

Sub-grant call for proposals for Spain [ES]

Sub-grant call for proposals for Lebanon [LB]

Sub-grant call for proposals for Tunisia [TN]

Applications have to be received by no later than 16/03/2021.


Sub-grant management (contract signature, financial and technical management), as well as monitoring will be under the responsibility of each national partner.

Leader:  Elisa Ulazzi - MedSea foundation,

Local reference persons:
For Italy: Elisa Ulazzi - MedSea foundation - Technical expert

For Tunisia:  Denise Salustri - CTICE - Project Manager

For Spain:  Helena Clavero - IUCN Med - Species programme

For Lebanon:  Hiba Fawaz - ADR - Project Manager