Dania Abdul Malak, PhD, ENSERES coordinator view on challenges to integrating the scientific community into political decision-making

A conversation with Dania Abdul Malak, PhD Director of the European Topic Centre on Spatial Analysis and Synthesis (ETC-UMA)

11 January 2024 - 16:15

Dania Abdul Malak, PhD: The ENSERES' leader view on scientific evidence to support local authorities' decisions

A conversation with Dania Abdul Malak, ENSERES project leading coordinator

11 January 2024 - 16:12

MedRiSSE-Tunisia Policy Brief: promoting social entrepreneurship within Tunisia’s educational system

11 January 2024 - 16:03

MedRiSSE- Spain Policy Brief : promoting local currencies

11 January 2024 - 16:02

MedRiSSE-Palestine Policy Brief: women empowerment through supporting cooperatives in Palestine

11 January 2024 - 16:02

MedRiSSE- Jordan Policy Brief: Promoting the role of SSE in developing the green economy in Jordan

11 January 2024 - 16:01

OENOMED: Témoignage du représentant de la cave Tenuta lacoangeli au Forum vini

Les vins subventionnés par OENOMED ont été présents au forum vini à Munich en Allemagne en novembre 2023.

11 January 2024 - 16:01

MedRiSSE-Italy Policy Brief: Blended finance mechanisms for social enterprises

11 January 2024 - 16:00

MedRiSSE: analysis report of social innovation within the capitalized projects cross-country and comparative research

11 January 2024 - 15:59

MedRiSSE Replication Toolkit on Social and Solidarity Economy in the Mediterranean

11 January 2024 - 15:28
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