NAWAMED: online event to present the project and the green wall to be installed in Sicily

SVI.MED (Euro-Mediterranean centre for the sustainable development – no profit association - Sicily), in collaboration with IRIDRA srl, partners of NAWAMED are organizing an introductory event of the project for informing stakeholders on the project and in particular about the pilot plant foreseen in Sicily.
The title of the online event is “A green Wall for the reuse of grey water: the pilot plant of Ferla” and is organised with the support of the Ferla Municipality, associated partner, and the technical profession network of Syracuse involving about 5000 technicians between architects, engineers, surveyors, agronomists etc. 

Michelangelo Giansiracusa, mayor of Ferla Municipality, Barbara Sarnari (SVI.MED.), Barbara Bonadies and Nicola Martinuzzi (Iridra srl) and Francesco Giunta (technical profession network of Syracuse) will present the different issues and participate to the final debate.
The event will be the occasion to present, debate and learn about the pilot plant drafted for the school of Ferla, keeping a larger vision related to whole NAWAMED project, thus the cooperation approach supplied by the involvement of other countries around the Mediterranean Basin (Malta, Tunisia, Lebanon and Jordan), further than to the existing and ongoing laws and code (as the building code) at national and regional level for future replication in order to foster the use of non-conventional water resources by means of nature base solutions. 

The online event will be developed in Italian language and is open to all. Registration here is welcome.
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Download here the agenda of the event (in Italian) 

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