NAWAMED: synergies with other EU-funded projects in Latina, Italy


In addtion to NAWAMED, the area of Latina (Italy) will host in the next years  other interventions focused on nature-based solutions for water and soil phytoremediation.

Latina is a city which aims at protecting the environment, promoting inclusion, building opportunities and measuring itself on challenges beyond its own borders. Thanks to cooperation initiatives, Latina is becoming more and more a European city.

The public administration of Latina is interested in possible collaborations with the NAWAMED project to increase awareness among citizens and technicians on the new solutions for water management and regeneration of the local water resources.

On 13 December 2019, the kick-off meeting of the UIA project - Urban Innovative Action “UPPER - Urban productive parks for the development of technologies and services related to solutions based on nature” was held in Latina.

The project promotes the creation of urban productive parks dedicated to the co-production of nature-based solutions to address social, environmental and economic problems of the city of Latina.

As for NAWAMED, the UPPER project will implement water and soil phytoremediation techniques, in addition to the planting of native trees to combat the heat island effect and air pollution, filtration and reinforcement systems for engineering works on canal banks and coastal dunes.