MedTOWN: three most important lessons learned from the Covid-19 global pandemic


Mikael Leyi, Secretary General of SOLIDAR & SOLIDAR Foundation, was in charge of the 'Keynote speech' at the International Seminar on Social Innovation & Inclusion of MedTOWN project "Co-production of social policies with social and solidarity economy (SSE) actors to fight poverty, inequality and social exclusion" held on 26th January 2022.

Leyi was preceded by the institutional welcome by Fabrizio Paloni coordinator of the Joint Technical Secretariat of the ENI CBC Med Programme & Nikolaos Mposinakos, Headmaster of the registry of Social and Solidarity Economy entities of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of Greece.

In his speech, Leyi highlighted the three most important lessons learned from the Covid-19 global pandemic, how important has been civic participation and civil and social dialogue and also the experience of the EU in this regard.

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