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Hello again, 

This new edition of MedTOWN newsletter highlights our commitment with fostering debates on improving social & environmental policies and their impact on local economies; as well as how the project experimentation on the field is now finally gathering momentum after the covid crisis.

MedTOWN ‘International Seminar on Social Innovation and Inclusion’

The Greek city of Thessaloniki hosted on 26th January 2022 this online seminar, attended by more than 200 participants from 10 countries, that served to prove that 'improving the regulatory and policy framework that enable the Social and Solidarity Economy to be a preferential partner for local governments, means improving the social and environmental impact of its policies'. Read more

MedTOWN in Portugal: a community garden for better social cohesion

Bela Flor Agroforest uses collective intelligence and social innovation to co-produce the recovery of a degraded urban space involving the whole community in a syntropic project. Read more

MedTOWN first national round table in Greece debates on active employment policies & development of the local economy

The high level discussion focused on co-production & social innovation as important elements that have positive impact in local communities. Read more

MedTOWN in Palestine to implement a complementary currency to promote citizen's involvement in waste management

Co-producing a new community of solid waste management system based on a circular economy model, in the municipality of Beitillo (District of Ramallah). Read more

Introducing MedRiSSE capitalization project

“Replicable innovations of the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) in the provision of services and the creation of decent jobs in the recovery after the post-covid crisis”. This new project will replicate and scale up previous experiences from MedTOWN among other projects. Read more

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