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MedTOWN project 1st Training of Trainers: The Phoenix Journey

The phoenix journey 

The capacity building process of MedTOWN started with the successful online Training of Trainers (ToT), led by the experts’ team from the Transition Network, through an innovative theoretical-practical approach, with the objective to coach the local trainers as local change agents from each territory & encourage them as leaders in the design and development of the NWs, and provide on-the-ground support for the implementation of the rest of the MedTOWN project activities.

The common programme “The Phoenix Journey: Transformative Pathways for Ecosocial Co-production” was proposed during the the ToT as a journey through different steps that correspond to theoretical content and practical applications. Here you can see the full outline of the Training of Trainers

The first week was open to relevant people, so team members from organizations or projects related interested in learning and discussing topics related to co-production, social innovation and solidarity economy, were welcome to follow the course.

The stimulating journey around the Mediterranean that this training provided made it an excellent opportunity to learn interactively and exchange knowledge on ways to develop co-production initiatives using local currencies, and to receive a facilitation guide to uplift, enhance skills and expand community-building abilities and a toolkit on the use of technology for local currencies. 

Here you can read more about the developement and contents of the training

And here, you have info about the National Workshops that will continue the capacity building in each country.

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