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MedTOWN is preparing the 3-day International Exchange Event in Seville to showcase how co-production of social services can better tackle poverty, inequality and social exclusion

MedTOWN focuses on the performance of on-site demonstrative actions on co-production of social services in 6 Mediterranean countries that serve as case studies to be studied and provide inspiration to other actors to explore the potential of co-production models to improve upon existing social services provision schemes and to support local economies.

For this purpose, MedTOWN project, is organising a 3-day International Exchange Event for mutual learning and collective thinking on: “How best to co-produce social services in close collaboration between civil society, professionals and government agencies in the Mediterranean countries”.

Small delegations of social professionals, researchers, practitioners and beneficiaries from 6 Mediterranean countries will bring stories form each territory, discuss on learning outcomes and reflect on the improvement of the policy framework for the co-production initiatives. The event will feature expert discussions, study visits to the best co-production cases in Seville, visits to the pilot projects funded by MedTOWN.

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