MedTOWN in Palestine beekeeping for a Sustainable Tomorrow: A Buzzworthy Initiative in Beitillu


The "environmentally friendly bee" project in Beitillu invites to a unique endeavor aimed at saving the bees, the environment, and improving livelihoods, all while nurturing awareness and sustainable practices. In this picturesque Palestinian village, an extraordinary initiative has taken flight—one that seeks to safeguard the dwindling bee population, protect the environment, and elevate the economic prospects of local families. This innovative project, bolstered by various stakeholders, is bringing a brighter future for both bees and humans in Beitillu.

A Sustainable Buzz: Nurturing Bees, Communities, and Nature

The "environmentally friendly bee" project encompassed a set of objectives and activities that aim to address multiple challenges, all with a commitment to sustainable transformation: 

  1. Boosting Income and Beekeeping Knowledge: The project's foremost goal was to provide a source of income through beekeeping and honey production for six families in Beitillu. This initiative helped elevate the financial well-being of both men and women in the community.
  2. Empowering Beginners: As part of its efforts, the project offered training to individuals interested in beekeeping. This has not only raisen the competence of beginners but also foster awareness among citizens through informative brochures promoting honey as a healthy food and the myriad uses of other bee products.
  3. Economic Sustainability: The project has extended its benefits to the entire association, benefiting its 73 members, and financially enabling the association to undertake additional projects that enhance the lives of its members and the entire Beitillu community.
  4. Expanding and Greening: With an eye on the future, the project aimed to double the number of bee cells in future grants and replicate the initiative with more individuals. Furthermore, 120 Moringa trees were planted, recognized for their importance to bees and their positive environmental effects.


Nurturing a Sustainable Environment: A Comprehensive Approach

The project outlined an array of activities and tasks implemented under the "environmentally friendly bee" initiative. These included:

  • Distributing educational brochures on environmentally safe agriculture, emphasizing the reduction of herbicides and chemical usage.
  • Conducting training courses and workshops on apiary management, beekeeping, and the significance of honey as a staple, along with other bee-related products.
  • Providing high-quality beehives and beekeeping tools to the targeted families.
  • Increasing the village's greenery by planting 120 Moringa trees, contributing to the environment and providing a valuable food source for the bees.

Investing in Sustainable Transformation

The project received a grant of 15,000 euros for its implementation. During 4 months, the initiative benefited a substantial number of individuals, thereby promoting sustainable beekeeping, awareness and ecological conservation. And it is still following up.

A Sustainable Tomorrow: Lessons in Action

As the "environmentally friendly bee" project unfolds, it not only sought to protect bees, the environment and the livelihoods of local families but also imparted valuable lessons in sustainability. By shifting the paradigm towards eco-friendly agriculture and responsible beekeeping, Beitillu is on the path to creating a harmonious future for its people and the natural world that sustains them.

This social pilot project was subgranted by the MedTOWN project partner in Palestine, Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee (PARC), and cofunded by the ENI CBC Med ProgrammeAsamblea de Cooperación por la Paz (ACPP)Beitlo Livestock Association  and Muhammed Ahmad Darwish as bees expert.

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