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MED4EBM in Tunisia organises a training on Geographic Information System to stakeholders in Kneiss islands

Under the MED4EBM project the Institut National des Sciences et Technologies de la Mer in Tunisia conduct  a training on Geographic Information System (GIS) as part of the activities of the "Capacity and competence building" which aims to enhance the capacities and technical skills of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) actors and stakeholders in implementing and developing the Ecosystem-Based ICZM (EB-ICZM) tools and governance protocol. This training will help Kneiss staekholders handling the data base software which is based on a multi-windows GIS interface for the browsing and the spatial analysis of large EBM and ICZM datasets, through an ecosystem-based logical framework linking spatial and time scales of the various thematic sectors these datasets refer to.


The training courses aims to build and to strength GIS skills of Kneiss islands stakeholders making the use of ISP software, the innovative tool of MED4EBM project, much easier.

Agenda in English 

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