MED4EBM takes part in the 2021 Clean Up the World Campaign in Sfax, Tunisia


Activities of Clean up the World Campaign 2021 was launched in Kneiss Islands (Sfax) for the 28th year in a row. The campaign in Sfax included two separate activities that have been carried out. The campaign was organized by The National Institute of Marine Sciences and Technologies (INSTM) on tight synergy with COMMON project.


The campaign was attended by a number of 15 participants from; the Coastal Protection and Planning Agency, the General Directorate of Forests, the Ministry of culture, the Marine Exploration Club and nature and Environmental NGOs.


Clean up the World Campaign in Kneiss Islands aimed to present the specificity of Kneiss Islands as a future marine protected area and to raise awareness about waste collection. The day was an important opportunity to fight against pollution in order to maintain a healthy environment for humans, living organisms, and the ecosystem, preserve the biodiversity and contribute to the sustainable development of coastal areas, through two activities: the land cleaning and the seabed cleaning done by INSTM professional divers.

The sorting of waste collected from the seabed, seashores, and tidal channels was conducted using the marine litter guide, developed within the framework of the Common Project.