MED4EBM plans its mentoring and training workshop sessions to improve coastal management


MED4EBM held a plenary online workshop on August 3rd 2022 . The main objective of the workshop was to plan and start implementation of the second phase of mentoring on the Ecosystem Based Integrated Coastal Zone Management Decision Support System (EB ICZM DSS). After comprehensive work on data gathering and data handling in the system, the second phase comes to develop informed Management Protocols through relational Cause Effect Analysis of the data gathered by the Project Partners at the Project’s four Target Areas. These are coastal zones with strategic importance to their countries; three of them on the Mediterranean Sea and one on the Red Sea: Gulf of Corigliano in Italy, Kneiss Island in Tunisia, Tyre Coast Natural Reserve in Lebanon and the Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea in Jordan.    


The workshop agenda included an introductory presentation on the Cause Effect Analysis and Governance Protocols delivered by the Lead beneficiary, consultant Dr. Francesca Pella, followed by browsing the Project’s Partners databases and discussing available data gathered by the National Teams. At the end, a schedule for mentoring and training through workshops was discussed. This will include four workshop sessions at every target area where the national technical teams and key stakeholders will be involved: two sessions on cause effect analysis and two sessions on developing environmental and socioeconomic governance protocols. Once finalized with the Project Partners, provisional agendas of these workshop sessions will be posted on the MED4EBM webpage.