MED4EBM in Lebanon uses art to raise environmental awareness at Tyre Coast Nature Reserve


Under the framework of the MED4EBM project, Tyre Coast, Nature Reserve (TCNR) conducted an event entitled: raising awareness through art at Tyres’ public garden in Tyre, Lebanon. The event was conducted on the 24th of November 2021. It was attended by 22 participants from the local community, schools, associations, and organizations. 

The “Raising Awareness Through Art” event aimed at using art as an innovative and creative approach to raise awareness about TCNRs’ ecosystems and the importance of preserving the Tyre Coast ecosystem and biodiversity for positive outcomes and sustainability of the coast. At the beginning of the event, participants were introduced to the MED4EBM project goals, activities and approach to achieve sustainable development at the reserve in particular and on the Lebanese coast and the Mediterranean sea in general. Engaging the community played a crucial role to raise awareness and disseminating messages about this issue. Artistic drawings with awareness massages were coloured on the trash bins which will be distributed at the reserves’ touristic zone for the public.

Nine Lebanese artists from Al Afak Institution, Al Jaleel Association, Fekr W Insan Association, and from local communities joined participants throughout the event. Artists and participants had a shared goal during the event, which was to creatively use art to raise awareness. They painted on trash bins and upcycled cardboards using guidance and inspiration from artists.