MED4EBM in Jordan organised a workshop to gather environmental data on Red Sea coast


The Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan (JREDS) organized its second database management training by doing a workshop in Aqaba, Jordan under the framework of the MED4EBM project, and in collaboration with the project Lead Beneficiary (UNDP Jordan Country Office) and its Italian partner“Amici Della Terra Onlus”. The workshop was conducted between January 30th to February 10th 2022, and joined the National Technical Team and the MED4EBM Project Core Technical Team, demonstrating effective cross-border collaboration.  Seven participants participated in the workshop. 

The workshop focused on the data collected by JREDS National Team and covered several aspects related to databases and data handling. This involved advanced data sorting and queries in SQL software, preparing data to be entered in the Ecosystem Based Integrated Coastal Zone Management Decision Support System (EB ICZM DSS).  The team handled various data types currently available and worked on a framework for handling data that could be gathered in the future. The data management tool was used to upload data in the EB ICZM DSS, where the required calculations were performed, and graphic display of the results produced. Some of the data handled included Reef Check Monitoring (substrate, fish, invertebrates and impacts), seawater quality from the regional Project Strategic Ecosystembased Management of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden “SEM” and from the National Monitoring Program of the Coastal Environment, fisheries data. By the end of the workshop, the National Technical Team have gained considerable skills in handling the database and uploading data on Ecosystem Based Integrated Coastal Zone Management Decision Support System.