MED4EBM and ENSERES projects build synergies on sustainable coastal management


MED4EBM project partners participated in the online synergy meeting which took place on 11th January 2022 with the recently granted capitalization project ENSERES (Enhancing Socio-Ecological RESilience in Mediterranean coastal area). The latter plans to capitalize on some of the results of MED4EBM to improve it. 

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the potential synergies and approaches that can be applied to capitalize on the progress of the MED4EBM project by the starting of ENSERES project.

Furthermore, to discuss the Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM) and Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) tools and methods already developed as well as the permanent Forum, which is one of the MED4EBM project outcomes and is planned to be launched during the present semester.

The two projects’ teams are optimistic that this synergy will strongly support the outcomes of the two projects, especially since the two target areas in Tunisia and Lebanon are common two.  

Three presentations were delivered during the meeting. Christoph Schröder, representative from ENSERES project, shared the first presentation about the objectives and goals of ENSERES project. Marco Falcetta representing PROGES, MED4EBM Italian partner, delivered the second presentation. Marie Romani , from the MedPAN-SPA/RAC shared a presentation about similarities and differences between the MedPAN Forum and the MED4EBM Forum and how this can serve the discussed synergy. After a thoughtful discussion, the two projects agreed on the importance of this synergy and the coming steps to realize it.