MED4EBM and COMMON in Tunisia organises World CleanUp Day in Kneiss islands

Under MED4EBM project in Tunisia, the Institut National des Sciences et Technologies de la Mer(INSTM) will launch the Clean Up the World Campaign on 18 Sep 2021. 

This event aims to present the specificity of Kneiss Islands as a future marine protected area and to raise awareness about waste collection, sorting and management in the islands and the danger facing the human and biodiversity.

Target groups: Local population, NGOs, Press.
Date: Saturday the 18th of September 2021
Location: Kneiss islands and their surrounding sea area


  • MED4EBM and COMMON teams will work on a tight synergy, highlighting the Integrated Solid Waste Management which is the relation between waste management and Integrated zone management through an effective approach covering all sources and all aspects in an integrated manner with an emphasis on maximizing resources use efficiency
  • The waste collected within the cleanup will be recovered by life Med Turtles team who will attend the event to create material to raise awareness among the fisherman with whom they collaborate. It is important to shed the lights of the significant relation between waste management and economy, which is represented mainly by the fisherman in the target area, and its impact on the sustainable resource management, one of MED4EBM main objectives

  • The event will be divided into several activities, to make sure that all participants are involved:


Agenda in English and French 

  1. Diving cleaning:

    The clean Up will be done also in the sea by professional divers from the INSTM.

  2. Island cleaning :

    The Beach Litter guide of COMMON project will be used and all the information

    about the data collected will be shared on the platform of COMMON project

  3. All the activities will be held simultaneously.

  4. Sensitization :

    Demonstration on the beach monitoring protocol presented by the COMMON

    project/INSTM team

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