Med Pearls promotes the Breathing Land slow tourism offer of Greece with a successful familiarisation trip


Between the 8th and 11th of March, The Med Pearls Programme subgrantees in Greece: Mazi Travel, Enjoy Travel & Tourism, Open Ways and SanDopios had the pleasure of hosting a Fam Trip in the beautiful regions of Imathia and Pieria. Representatives of tourism businesses from France, the Netherlands and Germany, countries with a heightened awareness of sustainable practices, as well as a strong interest in tourism products for Sustainable Tourism in the Mediterranean region attended the fam trip.

The programme of the fam trip was carefully prepared to provide a comprehensive overview of the pilot areas and their tourism infrastructure, to present their capabilities and potential for implementing Slow Tourism programmes; to raise awareness among tourism professionals from abroad and to increase interest and tourist flow in the Greek pilot areas of the Med Pearls Programme. The itinerary of the fam trip included visits, activities, and overnight stays in the city of Thessaloniki, the region of Imathia and Pieria, which are the pilot areas of the Med Pearls Programme.

The main objective of the trip was to familiarise visitors with the particular environmental and cultural characteristics of the areas visited and to bring them into contact with the local community to promote the areas as Slow Tourism destinations. We explored the majestic mountain of Olympus, visited local wineries, and indulged in the picturesque Imathia region. These experiences allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in the beauty and culture of these regions. We also had the chance to talk with local habitants and local artists and creators, who provided us with insight into the area's cultural heritage and everyday life. 

Throughout our trip, we shared unique experiences with our guests, such as participating in traditional customs like “Genitsaroi & Boules” and taking part in a pottery workshop. During our trip we had the chance to discuss potential collaborations and opportunities for future partnerships, which we are excited to explore. 

As ambassadors of the Med Pearls Programme, we are proud to promote slow tourism in the Imathia and Mount Olympus-Pieria regions. We hope that our guests left with a deeper appreciation for these beautiful areas and that they will return with travelers who love the sustainable and mindful way of living.

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