Med Pearls presents: Winter & Summer activities in the Pieria pilot area in Greece


Pieria is one of the most beautiful areas of Greece and is bordered by Mount Olympus, the Pieria Mountains and the Aegean Sea. Pieria is a prefecture that combines excellent mountain and sea and consequently winter and summer activities.

Starting from Mount Olympus, you can do mountaineering in an effort to conquer the highest mountain in Greece. The most experienced with the help of a guide climb to the top of Olympus, in Mytika, 2,918 meters high and enjoy the view from above. Olympus is also suitable for climbing its slopes but also for the special artificial slopes as well as for hiking in the enchanting beauty of the Olympus National Park. The most daring and determined can take part in the annual Olympus Mountaineering Marathon, a very special high-altitude road race.

Those who love winter sports can choose the Ski Center of Elatochori at an altitude of 1450 meters for skiing, snowboarding and sledding. Here you will find taverns with good food, mainly hunting. Another choice is to climb up to the castle of Platamonas and admire the Aegean and the Thermaic Gulf from above. If you visit the castle during  summer, combine the visit with the attendance of a concert or a theatrical performance (in the context of the events of the Olympus Festival).

If you are still a more ‘’water type’’, in Pieria you will find excellent beaches to swim and enjoy your favorite water sports (jet skiing, water skiing, windsurfing, pedal boating, canoeing and diving). Visit Old Panteleimon, located at an altitude of 700 meters, walk the cobbled alleys, admire the stone houses and when you reach the central square of the village don’t hesitate to sit in the taverns for good food and wine. You can also cross the gorge of Enipeas and swim in the natural pools created by the waters surrounded by forest trees.

Apart from the mountain and the sea in Pieria, a lot of other activities are waiting for you. We start with horse riding as in many places in the prefecture horses and their specialized trainers are waiting for you to enjoy a wonderful ride even on the slopes of the mountains. We continue with archery and mountain biking, while for the very extreme sport lovers in Paleos Panteleimonas there is a parachute and a glider slope. Don’t miss the visit to the archeological site of Dion, a place of worship of Olympian Zeus, where you can see the findings of the excavations. Admire the ancient theater, the ruins of the market, the baths, the palace and the Archaeological Museum. During summer months in the ancient theater are given many performances and concerts (in the context of the events of the Olympus Festival).

Pieria is a place that offers the visitor the opportunity for many activities all year round. Ready to experience them? Let’s go to Pieria!

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