Med Pearls: Open call for the design of the brand and visual identity of the project commercialisation spin-off


Co-financed by the European Union under the ENI CBC Med Programme the Med Pearls project, has the goal to set up a network of 26 Slow Tourism products across 6 Med countries (Egypt, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Palestine and Spain). These products will share similar characteristics, follow the Slow Tourism spirit and offer equivalent experiences in the different countries. Thus, promoting the Mediterranean as a unique destination to enjoy Slow Tourism experiences at a reduced pace.  

To this end, Discovery Tourism Jordan on behalf of the Med Pearls project is issuing a new call for tenders aimed for the development and design of an overarching compelling brand identity and a visual identity for the Slow Tourism commercialisation spin-off of the Med Pearls project.

Among other aspects, the brand identity to be created will need to:

  • Promote the Mediterranean as an integral tourism destination.
  • Bolster the spin-off as a sustainable network of Slow Tourism products.
  • Target the market segments identified by the project as more inclined to do sustainable tourism and slow tourism
  • Advocate for the multiculturalism, values and assets of the selected territories to make them distinctive and recognisable in the eyes of potential visitors.

Through this assignment the new commercialisation spin-off to be created will count on a complete Brand Manual covering:

  1. Brand identity: including at least brand attributes, name and tagline, brand narrative main statement. 
  2. Visual identity: Including logo, logo baseline (if needed), brand colours, font selection and any other relevant graphic design elements.

The deadline for submission of tenders is 10th October, 2021 at 18h CEST

Please submit your tender proposal by email to: 

Any tender received after the deadline will be automatically rejected.

For further information about the context and the tasks to be implemented, and the full evaluation criteria please check the terms of reference.


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