Med Pearls is looking for a mentor to coordinate the implementation of ICT solutions.



As part of the European Union instrument ENI CBC MED, the Med Pearls project works towards the integration of the mediterranean diversity into a high-quality and unique brand for slow tourism, guaranteeing similar experiences to visitors based on regions’ values and lifestyle. Med Pearls is a project co-financed by the European Union under the European Neighborhood Instrument cross-border cooperation program “Mediterranean Sea Basin” 2014-2020 (ENI CBC MED). It started on 1st September 2019 and has a duration of 45 months (until 31st May 2023). It has an overall budget of 3.015.132 EUR, which is co-financed at a 90% rate by the ENI CBC Med program. 

With the cooperation of different organisations in Spain, Egypt, Greece, Jordan, Italy, Palestine and Egypt, the project is creating Slow Tourism (ST) products under a common brand called Breathing Land (Experience the Mediterranean Wonder). Furthermore, these new products will be enhanced with innovative and creative solutions based on ICT technologies. Therefore, solutions coming from ICT start-ups, entrepreneurs or companies from the eligible areas of the Mediterranean region are going to be implemented to make the tourism experience much more exciting, professional and competitive in the international markets

Thus, in order to integrate the ICT solutions into the newly developed products, the Med Pearls project is seeking for a mentor with the technical expertise to provide guidance to these companies implementing their solutions. 


The subject of this tender is to select a Mediterranean regional mentor to guide and coordinate the process of developing technological solutions to overcome the shared tourism challenges as part of the ENI CBC MED Med Pearls projectThe project invites applications from individual experts to express their interest in providing coordination and technical expertise in the field of ICT solutions applied to tourism. 


The selected mentor will coordinate at Mediterranean regional level the development of the 12 ICT solutions to ensure progression, standards of quality and alignment with the needs of the tourism pilot areas of the project, the tourism products being developed and Med Pearls’ project principles in general. This will be done during the 6 months of implementation period of the ICT solutions, with an estimation of 48 hours. The tasks will be carried out remotely, using electronic communication tools. 

The contract concerning this assignment will be managed by PICTI (Palestine's Information and Communications Technology Incubator), in Palestine, and the maximum contract value is of 5.000 EUR all taxes included. Find out more in the following document.


All tenders can be sent before the 31st August 2022 until 6 p.mCEST, and any tender received after this deadline will be automatically rejected.

The tender submission form and any supporting documentation needs to be provided as an attachment to the e-mail


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