Med Pearls is looking for a marketing agency to manage an ads campaign



As part of the European Union project ENI CBC MED Med Pearls, organizations in Spain, Egypt, Greece, Jordan, Italy, Palestine and Egypt are creating Slow Tourism (ST) products under a common brand called Breathing Land (Experience the Mediterranean Wonder). In order to promote the Slow Tourism products, a specific implementation strategy has been designed. To implement the strategy, there is a need to create a social media ads campaign for Instagram. The current call is to find an expert that can carry out the ads campaign.


The objective of the call is to find an external company that will implement a social media ads campaign for Instagram that will promote the Breathing Land tourism brand and products. Bespoke Travel Advisors will provide the specific posts and target of the ads. The newly created Instagram account is


The person or company selected will work with a representative from Bespoke Travel Advisor (, but the overall work evaluation of the service will be by Discovery Travel & Tourism.


The proposal should be sent to by 12th of June 2022.


For more information chek here: Subcontracting for a social media ads campaign for the ENI CBC MED Project


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