Med Pearls ICT solutions: GINO, a Greek mobile app for slow and sustainable tourism


As part of the Med Pearls goal to help in the development of 6 ICT solutions that help in the promotion of slow tourism, in the following series of articles we will present in detail the different innovations being created. In this first one, we will present the Greek mobile app GINO

GINO is an ICT solution that will focus in the two Greek pilot areas of the Med Pearls project: Pieria-Mount Olympus and Imathia Veria. Developed by the Greek company DOTSOFT SA., the solution will be applied in the context of all the touristic packages that are being developed by the tour agencies and DMCs subgrantees of the Med Pearls project. The mobile solution is aimed at visitors that purchase these touristic packages in order to:

  • Provide more detailed information about the local areas and points of interest that are part of the guided routes and tours provided by the four agencies (ex. Written historical information, narrations in other than English language, photographs and images, etc.)
  • Guide visitors by suggesting leisure and other activities, routes and trails (ex. Mountain trails by foot, horse riding, kayaking, sailing, surfing, etc.)
  • Demonstrate how locals “live” in Greece (ex. What they usually drink, eat or do in different times within a day, “live like Greek” motto)
  • Provide information about local shops and crafts, or other slow tourism related places, i.e. answering questions like “where can I buy locals crafts?”, “where can I listen to traditional music”, etc.
  • Provide information about local events and festivals, through engaging audiovisual material (songs, dances, etc.).

The app will provide information for all of the above questions, through:

  • Maps (using several layers keynoting different types of activities and thematic tours / challenges)
  • Filtered menus for POIs related with nature, local habits, food, drink, athletics and leisure, etc.
  • Making “alive” special places and areas through the use of augmented reality (ex. Pointing to Olympus mountain, Zeus may appear in a digital form”, or when visiting the Aristotle Academia – the teacher of Great Alexander, a virtual “class” may appear in the phone screen).

In short, an innovative and useful ICT solution that will help in the promotion of the Greek destinations of the project by providing insightful information, assisting travellers in the organisation and execution of trips, and ensuring the local values and culture of the regions are spread.


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