Med Pearls highlights the importance of the mobile technology sector in Palestine


Mobile technology’s has the ability to bridge gaps – connectivity gaps, distance, gaps, class gaps – by connecting people in an integrated manner and providing a range of services to people who were previously unable to access them. Whether it was due to financial or location reasons. Furthermore, three of the key areas where mobile technology can drive development are healthcare, banking services and inclusivity. As we know, people can conduct business over the phone, do their banking, access information pertaining to their livelihood (such as commodity prices for the agricultural sector), access medical advice and signal for medical care. Put simply, mobile technology places a whole lot more power within the hands of the individual than ever before, giving them agency over many matters in their lives.

In Palestine, there is a special orientation for the relation between mobile and information technology and the public administration sector as it constitutes an important pillar upon which all other sectors can be based on. Including industry, agriculture, transportation, health, education, governance, trade, banking, and las but not least tourism. This relation is considered a major driver of social and economic development in its various dimensions. Therefore, the government has been working hard in cooperating with different partners and authorities to develop, protect and support the growth of this important sector.

The knowledge-based digital economy is an important lever for overall economic growth. The current size of the information and communication technology market in Palestine is estimated at about 651 million dollars, and it constitutes about 4% of the Palestinian gross domestic product. Around 700 companies are specialising in the field of information and communication technology, and every day more human capabilities and energies are being encouraged as the most important features of this sector, with 2,270 people graduating in IT related fields. On the same line, every year the different Palestinian universities acquire new and distinct capabilities and knowledge in IT fields such as programming languages, electronic engineering, new technologies and other tools.

Mobile technology has therefore become an important and fundamental building block for the development of the IT sector in Palestine and offers interesting work opportunities due to its expansion. This sector, that can also be linked to tourism, also offers a window that opens opportunities for innovation, creativity and production. The interest in intellectual and industrial entrepreneurship is currently growing among the younger generations in Palestine, and constitutes a good investment opportunity. Such as the creation of startups through various technology programs. Thus proving that investments and research in mobile technologies benefit the growth of the Palestinian economy as they provide an increasing offer of job opportunities in various economic sectors of country.

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