Italy: how to capitalize the results of European Programmes focusing on the sustainability growth of the Mediterranean area


The ENI CBC MED National Contact Point (NCP) of Italy, Mr. Claudio Polignano, together with the NCP of INTRREG MED, Ms. Rita Fioresi, in cooperation with the Italian Agency for Territorial Cohesion organise a joint webinar on Thursday 15th July 2021 from 9.30 to 12.30 am (CET) to exchange on how to optimize the results of different European projects and contribute to the implementation of the EU Green Deals in the Mediterranean area.

The webinar will be divided into four sessions: human capital, networking, sustainability and communication and how these components play an important role on the capitalisation of projects´ results from differnt EU programmes in the Mediterranean mainly the ENI CBC MED and INTERREG MED.

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