InnovAgroWoMed, a project aimed at increasing the employability of Mediterranean women in the agri-food sector


Despite the strong potential of the agri-food sector on both sides of the Mediterranean, figures still indicate alarming rates of unemployment and socio-economic exclusion which increasingly pose common challenges in the region. 

The countries of the MENA Region and Southern Europe all show a common trend in terms of women's low empowerment and low labor force participation. This is due to various socio-economic factors, including the fact that growth in this sector has not been inclusive, mainly due to unequal opportunities and skills mismatches.

A crisis deepening within the pandemic…

This crisis in such a crucial sector is becoming more and more worrying after the COVID-19 pandemic, which triggered a global emergency and has the potential to cause further damage in all vital sectors. The first question that was asked by all the world's populations when the pandemic was announced was: "Do we have enough food? ". Thousands of women in the agri-food sector have been exposed to the risks of continuing to provide "enough" food. Various Mediterranean countries are struggling to find labor for harvesting. Some farmers have found themselves obliged to destroy certain products due to a lack of workers, transporters or retailers. The possible wheat crisis and food shortage are making the headlines in the international press… This sector is indeed constantly demonstrating its major role in the life of the whole of humanity, and even in its survival.

Time to make a change: Women for the change! Women For the transition!

The InnovAgroWoMed project aims at stimulating women's labor market participation and entrepreneurship, by harnessing the potential of the agri-food sector and showing a significant level of untapped potential for innovation and growth.

This three-year project funded at 87% by the European Union through the ENI CBC Med Program for a global amount of EUR 2,8 million euros, is implemented by UTV, CESIE, JOVESOLIDES, ASALA and CAWTAR and will cover 4 partner countries (Italy, Spain, Tunisia, and Palestine). It will provide women entrepreneurs and employees in the agri-food sector with different types and means of assistance, optimization of skills and knowledge, technical and financial support in order to strengthen their capacities and help them better regain their place and advance in their careers and projects. It will also be of particular interest to those who have been affected by the pandemic. 

The InnovAgroWoMed project, based on Rural Social Innovation paradigm (RSI) to increase women employability in rural areas, represents indeed an effective solution to the described challenges. 

Time to act: InnovAgroWoMed is kicking-off

InnovAgroWoMed was taking shape and will be officially launched at its kick-off e-meeting to be organized online by The Center of Arab Women for Training And Research (CAWTAR) on June 16, 2020, from11:00 AM to 01:00 PM (CEST) under the name:

Disruption in the agri-food sector: 
sustainable scenarios after covid-19 in the Med Region

Women empowerment and employability

The e-event will gather representative of ENI CBC Med Program, representatives of the implementing partners and their associates as well as actors of the agri-food sector: experts, employers organizations’, agri-food union, women business owners, young women especially NEETs (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) and journalists from the 4 Mediterranean partners’ countries.

Speakers will focus on the impact of COVID-19 crisis on the agri-food sector by providing a state-of-the-art of current barriers and challenges. They will then present the project, its approach, activities and expected results with the aim to promote the Rural Social Innovation (RSI) model and raise participants awareness’ regarding gender discrimination in the labor market as well as to inform about the project opportunities offered to employers and women employees in the agri-food sector after the COVID-19. synergies with the other ENI CBC Med program will be highlighted.

Consult the Draft_Agenda_eKOM_v04_06_20_4.pdf

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