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Project news

PPI4MED expands its limits and present Public Procurement of Innovation to United Arab Emirates Research Council

The CSIC, lead beneficiary of PPI4MED, presented the project about technological transfer through public procurement of innovation in the Me…

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Project news

Discover the urban spaces created by CARISMED in its Fifth and last Newsletter

Several urban renovations have taken place thanks to CARISMED. Take a look on what's been done in the last issue, which recaps on the work done along more than 2 years of…

Project news

SME4SMARTCITIES publishes its support services manual

SME4SMARTCITIES empowers Small and Medium Enterprises with insights and lessons learned.

ENI CBC MED projects in water management to be featured at the 5th Mediterranean Water Forum in Tunisia

Join out side event at the Mediterranean Water Forum on the 5th of February in Tunis and discover innovative solutions for a water secure an…

Project news

PPI4MED set the basis to structure public procurement innovation in Jordan

The Jordanian National Centre for Research and Development worked to start structuring public procurement of innovation: a new tool to promote the transfer of technology and a…

Project news

RESET WEBINAR: Green Economy in the Mediterranean Region and Future Trends

RESET is happy to invite you to the first regional webinar discussing the Green Economy in the Mediterranean and the future trends of this sector. 

Project news

CLUSTER publishes its capitalization strategy on employment in the Mediterranean

The CLUSTER Project publishes its Capitalization Strategy document based on the best practices identified by its project partners.