MED-InA : développer des services et produits innovants en matière d'économie circulaire et de gestion des déchets


In relation to objective of the MED-InA project, the American Universoty of Beirut (AUB), with the support of each of the three municipalities, will select a total of three incubators (one in each pilot area) to receive a sub-grant in accordance with a standardized procedure based on established criteria. Each incubator will in turn hold a competition whereby startups will be invited to pitch. Then, the incubator will select and train four ventures to develop and deploy innovative services and products centered on circular economy and waste management in each territory. The monetary prize will be ensured by AUB. AUB will also support the incubation process and assist in training the awarded ventures on impact model, business model, and scaling. 

Bénéficiaires potentiels

Local municipalities and communities 
Local social and environmental entrepreneurs

Budget total disponible

160,000 euros

Nombre de subventions en cascade et ventilation par pays

Five sub-grants in each pilot area (one for an incubator and four for ventures: two for first place and two for second place) 

Amount to be given to each incubator in each of the three pilot regions: up to 40,000 euros 
Amount to be given to each startup (four startups in each of the three pilot regions): 15,000 euros (2 ventures in the first place) and 5,000 euros (2 ventures in the second place)

La Ribera (Spain)
Irbid / Amman (Jordan)
La Marsa / Tunis (Tunisia)

Activités à mettre en œuvre avec les subventions en cascade

Incubators: run the incubation process (planning and conduction of the ideation session, preparation of start-up applications, call for applications through flyers and social media, selection of ventures, conduction of pitch trainings and events, and issuance of sub-grants to winning ventures)

Four winning ventures: deployment of circular economy / solid waste management services in pilot area, assessment of economic and environmental impact of their operations, submission of reports

Critères de sélection et procédure d'attribution

For incubators, no call was published as, based on the agreement, AUB had to conduct a scoping mission to each pilot area and interview incubators. Technical and financial aspects were accounted for as evaluation criteria. Incubators were then invited to the bidding process by submitting their offers complying with AUB’s Procurement office. The offers will be studied by MED-InA’s team and the team from Procurement. 

For ventures, a call will be published so ventures can apply. Twelve ventures will be shortlisted based on the incubator’s selection method and evaluation criteria. The jury will be composed of people from AUB, experts from the incubator, and the local municipality.  

Calendrier provisoire

Dr. Alain Daou 
Head of Entrepreneurship on MED-InA, Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship
American University of Beirut 
+961 1 350 000 Ext. 3767

Ghina Chammas 
Project Manager 
Nature Conservation Center, American University of Beirut
+961 1 350 000 Ext. 4509